There are numerous advantages of using neon channel letter signs. The aesthetic that neon signage has is awe-inspiring and often a motivating element in art. Neon can have an impact on people that are unquestionable which is the reason why businesses of all sizes are turning to neon signage as an alternative. Neon signs can be an effective marketing tool for many small-scale businesses.

Signs made of neon have a variety of advantages, but these are the top reasons to consider neon signs for your company:

  1. They Have a Fun, Retro Feel

We’ve just reviewed the long and extensive story of neon signage. Because of this, the neon signs can adorn an old-fashioned, fun look particularly when they feature vintage designs and fonts. These neon signs are perfect for restaurants, bars, and stores, as well as other businesses that want to convey an atmosphere of nostalgia. Imagine, for example, the look of mid-century with a symmetrical design as well as a martini glass coffee cup or palm tree.

  1. Low Energy use

With the increasing emphasis on energy usage and environmental conservation, everyone must make an effort to change to more efficient methods. There’s no reason to sacrifice beautiful signage to go green. Neon makes use of 50-60 percent less power than modern signs, excluding LED modules. Even a well-lit sign using incandescent lamps will require twice the electricity, and will still not get your business the respect it deserves.

Additionally, the electrodes are still cool to contact because neon does not use filaments like other types of bulbs. This is not only safe as an option for signs in indoor areas such as bars, restaurants, or even offices, but it also means you’re using less energy. Furthermore, the standard neon sign is priced at around 20 cents per hour to be left on all day long.

  1. Neon Signs Are Durable

Neon signs that are well-made by skilled craftsmen are will last for many years. Compare this to the life span of the typical light bulb which is between 6 and 12 months. The majority of neon lights will last for around 10 years or more, and when they do break the reason is not due to the failure of the bulb, but rather the wiring or degradation.

As long as you do regular maintenance, your sign will be in service for many years, many.

  1. They’re Easy to Set Up

Neon sign boards are simple to put up at your place of business. Choose the ideal spot, then place your sign-up for everyone to view. When you’re lighting your sign, there is no need to utilize a conventional power source as you do with other signs that are lit. Your sign can be connected to various power sources with different voltage levels.

  1. They’re Versatile

One of the numerous advantages of neon signs that you can take advantage of is their flexibility. Signs made of neon are appropriate for a wide range of business models, and they come in different styles and can be placed in various locations such as outdoor and indoor installations. If you’re looking for eye-catching signage that will attract customers to your establishment, it’s impossible to be wrong with the neon sign.

  1. They Last a Long Time

If you decide to invest in customized signage, you need your signs to last for a long time. Longevity is one of the major advantages of neon signs. If they are properly maintained, the neon signs installed in your business will last for more than 10 years. It allows you to enjoy all the advantages of your signage for a long time before having to make an entirely new sign in its place.

  1. Neon Signs Stand Out

Many businesses are opting to go with the use of LED signage as well as digital display the neon sign stands above all the others. If you choose to use neon signs to advertise your business, it will be a recognizable famous landmark. Even people from your neighborhood that don’t currently patronize you, know your name which increases the likelihood that they will visit you when they require your help.

  1. Neon Signs Make It Clear When You’re Open and When You’re Not

It’s extremely frustrating when you drive for a meal, laundry, or hotel establishment only to find that they’re not in operation or there’s no seating there’s a vacancy. These iconic neon signs enable you to relay this information to those in vehicles on the streets. This can save motorists time and hassle when they discover they can’t access the service being offered right now without getting out of their cars.