A channel letter is a 3D graphic element that has its design and distinct illumination. In simple terms, a channel could be any number, letter, or any other type of character that, when coupled with other similar characters creates a brand presentation.
Reverse channel letters, also called halo-lit channel letters, refer to individual letters with illumination behind their shape. It shines and illuminates the wall behind them for easier reading.
It depends upon the choices of materials and sizes that you wish to have for your business.
Letters with front lights are signs that have each letter's interior as an illumination source that is accessible from both the rear and front. The front-lit channel signs are constructed from tough aluminum composite panels with sides and backing.
The weight estimated is 30 lbs for each letter. It is an estimation and weights can vary for each letter, but they will not exceed 30 pounds.
Generally, every letter is constructed with aluminum sheeting along with acrylic. However, you can choose other materials also. The channel letter sign is extremely versatile and can be created using a wide range of colors, fonts, and sizes.
The timeline for installation and production of channel signage takes about 4- 8 weeks and the signs have to be connected to the building. They can also be heavy. Such signage used is designed to last for a long time.
Channel lettering is also referred to by the name of internally illuminated letters. The letters are lit by the inside, with illumination that shines through the face or on the reverse of the letters.
LED Illuminated Channel Letters have the advantage of being high-efficiency, energy-saving, and requiring less maintenance than Neon illuminated ones. The slim design of the LED module practically eliminates the possibility of breaking. LED Channel Letters provide the chance to save money over an extended period.
The most common mount is the Direct or Flush Mount. Channel Letters are connected straight to the construction. In the case of Back-Lit Channel Letters are generally separated from the building by using standoffs.
Various channel letter sign types include Front-lit channel letters, Back-lit channel letters, and halo-lit/Reverse channel letters.
Usually, the sign is delivered to you in less than 15 business days.
You will save up to 40% compared to other sign companies. We can provide you with direct factory pricing.