If you want your business to stand out, and get more customers, channel letter signs are the best choice. Channel letters, unlike other types of signs, can be illuminated from different angles.

Channel letter signs can be made from 3D letters, which make them stand out to the public and attract their attention.

1. Perfect Visibility

This is one reason why channel letter signs are so common. Because the channel letter signs can offer excellent visibility regardless of whether they are lit or not, everyone can find your business, no matter how many times it’s been visited.

It is the most important area for potential customers, we can design a sign that is appropriate in size so they can read it clearly from afar. The sign mustn’t exceed the width of your entrance.

2. Indoors or outdoors

You can print any size channel letter, regardless of whether they are lit or not. Channel letters can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Your business can have directional signs that are eye-catching and attractive. The 3D printing process allows you to match your outdoor signage, keeping the brand strong.

3. Energy-efficient

Channel letter signs are very energy-efficient. A led channel letter will have each character lit with LEDs. This allows the sign to be easily seen from far away, day or night. Channel letter signs use energy-saving LED lighting.

The energy that LED light consumed is lower than in the comparison of other.  This will mean that you’ll spend less money on your monthly energy bills.

4. You can customize your order quickly

The manufacturing process for channel letters can be very flexible. Therefore, the signage company you choose must be able to design virtually any size, shape, or color you require.

Aluminum is the most common material used for signs. It’s rust-proof, can be folded, and can even be customized to suit your price and preferences.

5. Eco-friendly

It is hard to forget that channel letter signs are eco-friendly. This is the sign you need if you want to go green and adhere to eco norms.

One-time channel letter signage is easy to maintain. These signs can be weathered occasionally, but they are built to last.

Another benefit to channel letters is that LED lamps provide more energy efficiency. The lifespan of LED lights depends on how long you keep them illuminated and their ranking.

6. Different Types of Illumination

It shouldn’t be surprising that channel letters can have different lighting options in a world with hundreds of signage options. Channel letters can be illuminated in the evening or not at all.

However, channel letters should still be visible for 24 hours regardless of weather conditions. There are many types of channel letters available.

  •  Front Lit Channel Letters: This standard design has an acrylic front, clear or colored, aluminum returns (sides), and backing.
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters– Also known as “halo lit” and “backlit”, these letters are the exact opposite of front-lit. The front face of the letter is made up of aluminum and the back is made of clear acrylic or plastic. This allows light to shine off the back and creates a glow around the letters.

7. There are many mounting options

Channel letters come in a variety of mounting options. This means that you will always have a solution for your company. Flush mounting places the letters close to the sign or other underlying surfaces.

The letters are attached to a rectangular metal structure for raceway mounting. This may include wires or other components.

A raceway mount is best if you are installing channel letters directly on a building. A sign consultant can help you choose the right mounting option for your situation.