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Backlit Channel Letters Signs also known as halo lit channel letters or reverse lit channel letters are made of combination of Stainless Steel, Acrylic and LED light. These reverse channel letter signs are durable and do not rust.

  • Backlit Channel Letter Signs have light at the back of sign that lights up using an LED light with any color of your choice
  • The front of the sign can be made of Acrylic or Metal of any color.
  • You can choose your own FONT.
  • You can choose your own stainless steel COLOR
  • You can choose your own LETTER SIZE with custom height, width and thickness for letters
  • The sides are made of Stainless Steel which can be brushed, mirrored or painted.
  • The letters can be made with Stainless Steel frame(Trim Strip) or frameless.
  • You can either place the sign directly on the wall or attach the sign letters to a backboard of your choosing to place in on the wall.


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